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“Buy the ticket… Take the ride.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Rad Kadillac Productions is a full service music promotion, production and management company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Our main focus is to bring diverse, top-tier and up-and-coming national touring musicians and artists to “The Good Life” for your listening and viewing pleasure. We take great pride in creating a connected community and scene in which everyone can feel involved and proud. Rad Kadillac, co-founded over a decade ago by Justin Kadlec and Nicholas Radil, was started as a labor of love which was heavily influenced by music and not having to drive out of state to experience the best in the biz. However this focus quickly switched to the fan base that was coming in great numbers to support diverse music in the area. YOU are all the reason we continue to do what we do. Thank you for the continued support, and as always… Keep Spreadin’ the Good Word in The Good Life!


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